Radon Fan Making Noises?

Radon Fans Wear Out Over Time:
Don’t wait to replace it

Radon mitigation fan Radon mitigation fans are powered by water-hardened motorized impellers for water resistance and rated for outdoor use.

But sometimes you might hear it making noise. The fan’s bearings that help to lubricate the motion and reduce the noise start to go bad. This is mainly due to standard wear and tear that happens because the radon mitigation fan runs all the time. Radon mitigation fans are designed for 3” or 4” PVC pipe systems.

The radon mitigation fan is the most vital part of the system. If your fan stops working it needs to be replaced as soon as possible.  If it’s making noises, it should be inspected by a professional who can diagnose and fix problems with your system.

When you need to replace your radon mitigation fan it is advisable to replace it with one having at least the same flow and static pressure capability.

Radon Protection Systems Inc. can replace the old fan with a new one.

The DEP states that the prior high level of radon gas can return within 7 hours if the fan is not functioning.

Lowering high radon levels requires technical knowledge and special skills.

Radon Protection Systems Inc. is expert in designing and installing mitigation systems to lower and remove high levels of radon gases.

We guarantee our workmanship for 2 years. The better fans we have in stock have a manufacturer’s warranty for 5 years. (Most radon mitigation fan manufacturers will only warrant for the full 5 years only if the contractor is a professional.)

The Department of Environmental Protection ( DEP ), and the Bureau of Radiation Protection recommends the use of individuals who have been trained, passed an examination and are certified to provide mitigation services. You can view these contractors and see the list of certified mitigation firms and contractors by going on line. www.files.dep.state.pa.us>CountyMitigation or www.dep.pa.gov>CountyMitigation or www.dep.pa.gov>Business>Documents .