About Radon Protection Systems

steve wesler

Steve Wesler, President of Radon Protection Systems Inc.

Radon Protection Systems Inc. provides radon measurement and mitigation for residential homes predominately in beautiful Bucks and Montgomery Counties. With our team of experts there isn’t a home we can’t mitigate.

Certified Radon Tester and Mitigation Specialist

Steve Wesler, president of Radon Protection Systems Inc. is a well-respected radon specialist. Steve has been in the home improvement and construction industry for over 25 years. He is a certified radon tester and mitigation specialist. Steve received his training at Rutgers University in NJ. He continues to educate himself on all aspects of home improvement, the environment and the latest technology.

Radon Protection Systems wants to make sure your home is healthy and happy. Family is important to Steve. He understands that the safety of your family comes first.

Steve and his team at Radon Protection Systems provide high quality work and friendly customer service. We will do all we can to make sure the air inside your home is within the DEP standard of 4pCi/L and below.  It is policy, our duty, to make sure we get you picocuries to 4pCi/L or below.

Please contact us any time with questions or concerns you may have regarding the radon level in your home, we are here to help.

Call (215) 343-5960 or use our contact form to ask your questions

Radon Protection Systems Inc. is owned and operated by Steven Wesler, DEP certified radon mitigation Specialist #2651 and radon testing individual #2913. Our team of professionals are Pennsylvania certified Radon mitigation and measurement specialists.

We are fully insured by Hudson Insurance NIAC #25054 for $500,000 so feel safe that you are cared for and covered.